4 Great Cold-Weather Features To Look For In Your Next Vehicle

Living somewhere that experiences cold winters can be a lot more comfortable when your vehicle comes with features that are designed to make you a little more cozy and to help your vehicle work a little better when its cold outside.

Remote Start

One of the greatest features to have when you live somewhere cold, especially if you park your vehicle outside, is a remote start. A remote start will allow you to start up your car before you have to get inside of it. It gives your engine time to warm up, but more importantly, it gives the interior of your vehicle time to warm up, too. Just make sure that you leave on the heater in your vehicle when you turn it off at night, so that your heater turns on when your vehicle turns on in the morning. 

Heated Seat

Another plush feature that is great when you live somewhere cold are heated seats. Heated seats allow you to sit in comfort when you are driving. They can help take the chill off your body faster when you get into your car after being outside in the cold. 

Additionally, most people drive better when they are comfortable, and heated seats will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible when you are driving in the winter.

Heated Mirrors

When you live somewhere cold, it is not uncommon for snow to gather on your side mirrors. Your side mirrors may also get fogged or iced up. It is easy to forget to clean off your side mirrors when you are clearing off three inches of snow from your vehicle. 

With heated side mirrors, your side mirrors will heat up all on their own and melt away any ice or fog that is present. This will allow you to properly see out of your side mirrors and stay safe when you are driving on winter roads. 

Heated Steering Wheel

Finally, look for a vehicle with a heated steering wheel. It can be difficult to drive comfortable and safe when your fingers are frozen. A heated steering wheel will help warm up your hands so that you can comfortably grip the wheel and drive. A heated steering wheel will also help take away the chill that often seems to linger on your steering wheel. 

When looking for a new vehicle, look for one that will keep you comfortable and warm in the winter with heated seats, a heated steering wheel, heated side mirrors, and a remote start. To learn more, talk to companies like Audi Brooklyn.

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