Gearing Up To Buying Your First Hog: Tips For First Time Harley Buyers

If you are someone who is not an experienced Harley Davidson rider, and you are ready to make your first purchase, then it is a good idea to set out some questions about what sort of motorcycle you want. Of course you already know you want a Harley, but that is just the first step. There are many different types of Harleys to choose from, so it is important that you consider what sort of things you're going to be doing with your bike. Some bikes are great for speed on the highway, while others are more for driving around town, and yet others are best suited for extremely long treks.  So, in order to best choose which Harley you should get, here are three things to think about.

Where Are Your Planning On Riding

The first question you need to think about is what sort of riding you are going to be doing. If you are heading out to do super long highway treks, then you will want one of the Harley models that is designed for extended rides. These models have larger, more comfortable seats, and big backrests. They will also have room for large saddle bags. These are great for when you are doing a multi-state trek. If, however, you are only looking to take a trip for a few hours, and otherwise you will only be driving around town, you don't have to get as large a motorcycle. The smaller bikes, such as the Sportster, are smaller and will not take up as much room in your garage. The Sportster in particular is a great bike for moving around town and taking trips on the weekend. If you're looking for something in between the Sportster and the Roadking (the big Harley great for touring around on vacation length trips) you could go with the Dyna or FatBoy.

How Much Power Do You Want

The other thing to think about is how much power you want. If you're a novice rider, you might want to start with a smaller engine, and one that won't be too intimidating when you are learning how to ride. You could opt for a 750 or 800 cc engine, such as the Sportster or Street models. If you are an experienced rider, you could choose a big engine model such as the Dyna or Softtail models. If you are unsure, you might want to check out the different models at the Harley Davidson dealer.

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