3 Fun New Accessories For Your New Truck

If you just purchased a new truck, now is the time to purchase some fun accessories to go with your new truck. Having a truck means having fun, so here are a few things to purchase to have some more fun with your truck.

Truck Shell

If you want to put items inside of your truck and keep them protected, one of the best ways to do that is by putting a truck or camper shell on the back of your vehicle. With a shell, you will not only transform how your truck looks, you will transform how you can use your truck. You can use your truck to transport valuable items that you don't want to get wet or damaged by the elements when you have a shell on your truck. If you like the create outdoors, you could always throw an air mattress in the back of your truck and use it as a place to hang out.

Nice Toolbox

If you plan on using your truck to get stuff done, you need a place to store all of your tools. A nice, big, heavy duty toolbox that will lock into your truck bed is one of the best ways to go. It will change the look of your cab a bit, giving it a more professional and work look. It will also allow you a safe place to store your tools that you need when you are getting stuff done.

Go for a toolbox that has either a powder-coated steel finish or an aluminum finish; those are two of the strongest finishes out there. You should also make sure that the toolbox is lockable to keep your tools secure when you are not near your truck

Loading Ramp

Finally, if you want to transport larger items, such as wheelbarrows, lawnmowers or toys with your truck, you need a way to get those heavy items up into your truck. A loading ramp is a great way to get those heavy items into your truck without hurting yourself or the items you are trying to load up. You can store your loading ramp on the bed of your truck, and use it to more easily get large items in and out of the cab of your truck. It can make the cab of your truck a more functional place.

If you just purchased a new Ford F150, consider getting a camper shell, loading ramp, and/or a large toolbox. Each of these three accessories are great tools that will allow you to get more use out of your new truck. 

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