What You Can Do With An Aluma Bed Trailer: Ideas

So a relative thought it would be a great idea to buy you an Aluma bed trailer. Now that you are staring at this trailer and wondering what to do with it, you should know that such trailers have multiple uses. You might even find that your family member hit the gift-giving nail right on the head. Here are a few things you can do with the trailer that are out-of-the-ordinary, but which you might thoroughly enjoy.

Turn It into an Ice Fishing Shanty

Do you know how many Midwesterners around the Great Lakes build their own ice fishing shanties? A lot. What is more, they use aluminum trailers because these trailers are light enough that they will not break the ice on the lake and fall through. They also retain heat quite well, which means that you can keep them reasonably toasty inside while you fish while it is subzero outside. All you need to do is use the trailer as your ground floor and build up a box or cottage-shaped shanty from there.

Haul Your Car AND Your Motorcycle Behind Your RV While Traveling

It looks insane, to be sure, but some people get a giant RV for traveling, and then hook up a trailer behind for towing their cars along. Some people want more options than just the family car. So, they hook up a bigger aluminum flatbed trailer so that their cars and their motorcycles or ATVs can come along too. If that sounds like something you would want to do, you only need to buy the right trailer hitch to connect the RV to your new aluminum trailer.

Turn the Trailer into a "Tiny Home"

These "tiny homes" are all the rage now. You can turn a trailer like the one you just received into a tiny home, park it somewhere on your property, and then you have a place to go when the family is driving you crazy. It can be your home (not so far) away from home.

If you get tired of living in your big house, you can sell it, hook up your tiny home to your car or truck, and hit the road. It is quite the project to convert a trailer into a tiny home, but maybe that kind of project is exactly what you need. Maybe your relative knew that that was exactly what you wanted all along.

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