Several Pre-owned Vehicle Myths

Buying a used car can be an excellent way of replacing your current vehicle while still staying within your desired budget. Yet, there are people that may refuse to consider used vehicles. Learning the facts surrounding some common myths may help you when you are needing to evaluate your options for buying your next vehicle.

Myth: A Preowned Car Will Always Require Extensive Repairs

One idea that is commonly held about pre-owned vehicles is that they will be remarkably unreliable or need major repairs. This may be the case when buying a used vehicle from an individual seller, but used car dealerships will usually take great care to ensure the vehicles they sell are roadworthy and reliable. In fact, many manufacturers will provide their customers with certified used vehicles. These are pre-owned cars that have been thoroughly inspected, repaired and detailed to restore them to their original condition. Many manufacturers certified pre-owned vehicles will also be given a new warranty so that you can be protected if a problem was missed during the inspection. Vehicles that have undergone this type of extensive inspection and repair process will have a higher price, but the protection these steps offer may be worth it.

Myth: It Is More Difficult To Finance A Pre-owned Vehicle

Individuals that are needing to finance their next vehicle purchase may assume that a pre-owned vehicle will be more difficult to get financing approval. This is usually not the case, and some people may find it easier to be approved as the value of the needed loan will be much lower. It should be noted that it can be difficult to finance vehicles that have extremely low prices, but this is more to do with minimum loan requirements.

Myth: A Used Vehicle Will Be More Difficult To Sell Or Trade

When a person buys a new vehicle, it will rapidly decrease in value. This can lead to individuals assuming that pre-owned cars will decrease in value in a similar manner. However, this is more reliant on the brand of the vehicle as there are many makes and models that retain more of their value. This can actually make it easier for a person to sell their vehicle without taking a massive financial loss. It should be noted that this will also be impacted by how well you maintain the vehicle. For this reason, keeping a copy of the service and repair records can help you to prove the vehicle has been properly maintained over the years that you have owned it.

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