Six Maintenance Mistakes You Need To Avoid After You've Purchased Your Used Honda

Getting into a good maintenance regime right after you purchase your pre-owned Honda is important for avoiding mechanical issues over time. If you neglect routine maintenance, your vehicle is going to wear out prematurely.

The following are six maintenance mistakes you can avoid to make sure that your vehicle stays in great shape into the future:

Neglecting to change out your oil

Probably the most important maintenance task for any type of vehicle is having the oil changed. Oil changes are necessary because contaminants can build up in engine oil over time and wear out mechanical parts. 

Fortunately, having an oil change is generally a quick and affordable maintenance task to have performed. 

Being unaware of the condition of your battery

A battery isn't going to perform as well and power vehicle components adequately if it doesn't have enough power. Over time, a battery will hold less and less power. You can easily have your battery tested to check how fully it is charging.

Making sure your battery has enough power is not just important when it comes to keeping mechanical components in good shape; it's also important to avoid getting stranded somewhere if your battery power gets so low that your vehicle won't start properly. 

Leaving the same brake fluid in your vehicle for a long time

Like engine oil, brake fluid needs to be changed out from time to time in order to maintain its effectiveness.

If the brake fluid is not replaced as necessary, the brakes won't respond as quickly as they should. This is both a mechanical and safety problem for your vehicle. Make sure you have your brake fluid changed when necessary to avoid issues. 

Failing to periodically have your tires rotated

Tire rotation has an effect on the suspension of your vehicle. If you don't have tires rotated, they won't wear uniformly, so the suspension system suffers. Many mechanics will rotate tires for free when you have your oil changed, so this is generally a maintenance task that is easy to keep up with. 

Not changing your air filters when necessary

Air filters keep contaminants out of your engine. However, they will become clogged up over time and need to be replaced.

Clogged air filters can damage your engine because they'll lead to a low air intake. Changing them out before they become clogged is therefore important. 

Allowing your coolant/antifreeze level to get too low

Coolant/antifreeze is essential for preventing your engine from overheating. Overheating can lead to catastrophic engine failure.

While your coolant level should remain the same over time, your engine could potentially start to lose coolant if a leak develops or another type of malfunction occurs. You should pay attention to your coolant level and have your car inspected for problems if the level starts to drop for no apparent reason.

Buying a used Honda is a great investment, but make sure to do the proper maintenance to keep it running for a long time.

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