6 Car Features To Look For If You Have Limited Range Of Motion In Your Upper Body

If you have arm, back, neck, or shoulder stiffness, pain, or limited range of motion, you need a vehicle that works for your body. You need to use your upper body when driving, although car features can limit the strain and stress you put your upper body through when driving.

Feature #1: Foot Operated Emergency Brake

When you need to use the emergency brake, you want to activate it easily, which is why you should look for a vehicle with a foot-operated emergency brake instead of a hand-operated brake will be easier for you to operate with limited upper-body mobility. Instead, you can rely on the strength of your legs to use the emergency brake.

Feature #2: Large Rear Windows

Check out the size of the rear window. You want a rears window that is large and allows for really good visibility. That way, you can easily see, and you don't have to strain to look over your shoulder when backing up.

Feature #3: Backup Camera

Even better, you want a vehicle with a backup camera that will allow you to see behind you quickly and clearly without having to turn around. A backup camera can make it easier to safely backup and to change lanes without straining your body. A backup camera will also ensure your limited mobility doesn't impact your ability to look behind you.

Feature #4: Parallel Park Assistance

Parallel park assistance on most cars is activated by pressing a sensor. Your vehicle will use sensors to find a parking space your vehicle will fit into. Then, your vehicle will automatically steer your vehicle into the parking spot once you put your vehicle in reverse. Parallel park assist will allow you to parallel park without putting additional strain on your body.

Feature #5: Adjustable Seats 

Next, with limited upper-body mobility, you are going to want seats that you can adjust. You want a seat where you can adjust the lumbar support, as well as adjust the tilt of the seat and the movement of the seat forward and backward.

Additionally, look for a heated seat. That warmth can make it more comfortable to sit in the seat and drive and can help to relax your muscles.

Feature #6: Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel

With a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, you will be able to adjust the steering wheel and get it just right so you can hold onto the steering wheel in a manner that reduces potential pain in your shoulders and neck.

When you suffer from upper body stiffness or pain, it is important to find a vehicle with features such as a backup camera, parallel parking assistance, and large rear windows that will make the process of driving easier on your body. Look for a vehicle with lots of adjustable features as well, such as a telescoping steering wheel and adjustable seats so you can fix the car to be comfortable for you.

For more information, contact a local dealership, such as a Nissan dealership.

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