3 Great Ways To Customize Your Camper Van

For many people, a weekend trip to a local state forest just doesn't cut it anymore. In fact, those who are more inclined to seek out long-term adventure have done so by purchasing large commuter vans and converting them in ways that make them a home-away-from-home while on the road. If you're considering doing the same, take a look below at just three simple but effective ways you can customize your van to get the most out of your extended road trip.

Solar Panels

While going off the grid is appealing in many ways, most people would prefer to still maintain a regular source of electricity. That's where roof solar panels come in handy. The majority of panels made for converted camper vans are easily attached to the roof and can use the sun's energy to power devices as varied as a phone or mini-fridge. Of course, everyone's specific needs and preferences will vary, and so too will the number of amps and watts required. But overall, solar panels make for an easy way to turn that spontaneously imagined off-road day trip into reality. 

Accessory Holders

There are few things more frustrating than searching for a specific tool or utensil in your custom van and not being able to find it. That's why it's a great idea to pick up a basic accessory holder for your van's kitchen or back door. Some van campers use them to hold larger utensils like spatulas, whisks, and ladles, making cooking that much easier when they're in a hurry. Others use it to keep their tools organized so that they're always ready to fix a mechanical issue that comes up on the side of the road. Whatever your expected use case, it's hard to go wrong with having an accessory holder built into your van.

Hood Spoilers

When most drivers think of spoilers, they think of large plastic devices on the tail of a vehicle designed to make it more aerodynamic. Your camper van would likely benefit from another kind of a spoiler, though — the hood spoiler. Many of them only require ultra high-bond tape to apply, so there's no mechanical expertise needed for installation. Best of all, hood spoilers work to deflect pieces of debris that will inevitably ricochet up toward your van after hours on the road. Whether it's bugs, stones, or small asphalt chips that you want protection from, hood spoilers have you covered. 

To learn more, contact a custom van builder.

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