How to Buy Replacement Tires for Your Car that Match the Original Tires

When buying replacement tires for your car, truck, or SUV, you may want to use the same tires that came on the vehicle when you purchased it new. Vehicle manufacturers may use several different brands on the vehicle, but Nissan tires, for instance, may be tires made specially by the manufacturer and are hard to find.

Replacement Tires

The first place to start with any replacement tire is with tire size and load ratings. Nearly every car has tire information on the inside of the driver's door, so you can get the details you need when you open it. 

Replacement Nissan tires could be any tire in that size range. The information is also on the tire's sidewall currently on the vehicle and is listed in the owner's manual that came in the car when it was new. The tire dealer can also look it up for you, so the information is readily available when selecting tires for your vehicle. 

If you have a truck or SUV, you may also need to look at the load rating specified for the vehicle, and on sports cars, there may be a speed rating indicated for the tires you choose. The dealer can help you determine all the details and find tires close to the original tires as possible.

Tread Patterns

OE (original equipment) tires are sometimes custom-made for a vehicle manufacturer, and they may have specific tread patterns that you have not seen in other places. Nissan tires, for instance, may have differences between performance vehicles and other similar vehicles on the market.

It is important to remember that the tread may not be a critical part of the design, and sometimes higher-end tires use unique tread patterns to stand out in the market. If you feel you need to have those same tires on your car when it is time for new ones, you can contact the dealership and see if they are available to purchase, and many times the factory dealership can order them. 

If you are okay with replacement Nissan tires similar to the OE tires, talk with the tire dealer in your area about what is available that will look, feel, and perform like the tires you had on the car when you bought it. In most cases, the tire shop can use all the tire information to find the tires you need and install them on the vehicle. 

If you drive the car for a few days and don't like the tires the shop recommended, you may be able to swap them for something different, but don't wait too long to make that decision before contacting the tire shop that provided your replacement Nissan tires

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