Should You Sell Your Second Car?

If you have a second car that you don't use very often, you may benefit from selling it. You can ask yourself some of the questions you will see detailed below to determine if you may be better off by selling your second car. Here are questions that can help you to decide if you should sell your car: 

Is your second car a necessity?

If you need to have a second car, then your question is answered. However, if your second car is more of a convenience than a necessity, then you may want to sell it. If you only have it just in case there comes a time when you could use it, then you may just be wasting a lot of money on things like registration, insurance, and maintenance. If the rare occasion comes where someone in your household needs to get somewhere, there are other options that can work well for those every-once-in-a-while trips. Selling the car will give you money and you won't have to worry about continuing to care for a car that mostly sits. 

Is your second car starting to cost more money?

As your second car ages, it can end up needing to have more and more work done on it. If you are putting money into your second car more often than you used to, then this can be a sign that it is a good time for you to sell the car. 

Does your second car still fulfill its intended duty?

You may have a second car because your child drove it when they were living at home. However, they may now be at college and get around on a bike. Or, you may have had the second car for someone in the household who now no longer drives. If you still have a car that no longer serves its intended purposes, then you should think about selling it. 


If you have decided to sell your car, then you may be able to have a dealership sell it for you. They can help your car to really get seen, and the more exposure your car gets, the better the chances are of it selling. Also, when you have an auto dealer sell your car for you, they will take on the things like the showing of the car and taking care of the paperwork that needs to be completed.

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